SP Titanium (R).png

When it has to be the best 

  • TITANIUM® is the world's best 2 mil film for Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR).

  • A perfect match of strength and thickness draws film to silage surface for ClingFactor® effect.

  • TITANIUM® comes off the roll accordion-style fold for an EasyApp® application and can be applied at the same time as Coverpro®. Click here for more info.

  • Custom-engineered and made in the USA exclusively for Connor clients.

  • Partner with Connor's Coverpro® for maximum protection.

Sealpro TITANIUM® is an EasyApp® film!

This is how EasyApp® works. The film ribbons right out. Huge advantage! You can cover as you go with ease. Even easier: see THIS LINK to learn how to cover with Sealpro® and Coverpro® at the same time.